Our handmade Fire Starters make wonderful gifts, and great to have on hand when in need of making and maintaining a fire. No additional kindling needed.
Fire Starter Use:
Light fire on the "haystack" embedded in the fire starter.
Fire starters are 100% waterproof. You can start the fire in All-Weather.
Non-Toxic, odorless, and Eco-Friendly. Expertly crafted fire starters are made of All-Natural hardwood and soy wax, plus can burn for up to 25 minutes.
Ignites quickly and easily, there is no need to mess with rolled newspaper, dry grass, or other kindling.
Great for barbecue grills, smokers, wood stove, campfires and Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces.

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Wood Shavings, Pine Cone, Bay Leaf, Pine Needles, Red Peppercorn

UNSCENTED-the scent would burn off immediately and would become wasteful.  

Pack of 5

Fire Starters